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Friday, April 9, 2010

Nerve racking

  I hate putting myself up for abuse and that is exactly what I did.  This past January, I joined Yellow Rose which is a chapter of RWA and then entered the "Winter Rose" contest.  WHY!  I was so calm and peaceful with only a few panic moments when I thought "someone could be reading my words right now.
  Well, tomorrow is the day I find out if they loved it or hated it and I am on pins and needles.  I am crazy nervous.  I know I should get use to it but I need a drink.  I have been snapping at people all day.  I am seriously surprised my day job didn't fire me.  I did not provide very good customer service today.
  *Sigh*  I have changed a lot of my WIP I entered since January so I am nervous about that.  I wish I was better prepared for the contest because I would possibly be a little less nervous.
  I will post how it goes later, if you hear sobbing from my corner of Texas, yep it's me. 

Casse NaRome

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