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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Do you accept me: Where it all began...for me at least.

I was in 8th grade or it was probably the summer before 8th grade and my dad bought me the sequel to one of my favorite movies, The Prophecy with Christopher Walken, Eric Stoltz, and Viggo Mortensen. Can you say yum? I had already had an attraction to angels, I believe, from the amount that I liked that movie so of course I had to watch 2.

Enter angel Danyeal (hottie Russell Wong), He has come to Earth and a woman "hits" him with her car she takes him in to care for him and of course they end up doing the due. During the sex having Danyeal asks the hottest words ever muttered on full screen, "Do you accept me?" Oh my Gawd! My little 13 year old heart went pitter pat. The woman, of course says yes and BAM, it is done...his angel seed is planted and days later she is like in advance pregnancy. What happens next is interesting but it is not important for this post. Because up until that moment, I wasn't aware of the fact that Angels can and have been with human women and now was aware. The thought was so hott to me.

I love bad boys so a fallen angel?...Yes I find that appealing, very (in fantasy life ok? So any angels reading this if you were to approach me in real life I would turn you down...regretfully). I don't like the Demon fallen angel mind you I don't find them sexy. They scare me, but the ones that love God but only have fallen for love? Oh yea I find that damn Hott! Every girl wants that! A guy to choice her over everything else? Yes! Most women won't admit it but I will. Yes, deep down I want a guy to pick me over any and everything and one. I do. I am not ashamed to say it, PICK ME DAMN IT! So a Nephilims or Nephalims (as I spell it in my books because there are many celestial beings who took human wives the A for the angels that bore/spawned them) they are the ultimate bad boy that make the ultimate choice for love. Yes, I wants that.

"Fallen Angel" by Dalia Kochnev
©Dalia Kochnev. All rights reserved!
He was sitting there, staring into nothing, looking like it, and if it wasn't for the wings, one would never come close. And none of the people walking by would see them.
He hadn't been banished.
 He walked away.

That is why I write novels about fallen angels. That is why I read novels about fallen angels. That is why I love fallen angels and love what I do...

Keep writing, reading and sharing,

Casse NaRome!

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