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Sunday, May 16, 2010

I can let my hair down.

Christie Craig's rejections author of Divorced, Desperate and Delicious

  I had a good time today.  I went to Yellow Rose RWA Luncheon and had a great time.  It was good to get out of my introvert's cave and just talk to people.  Better yet talk to fellow writers which is probably why I had as fun as I did. 

Rachel Caine author of MorganVille Vampires

  I learned a lot and gave my very first pitch to an editor in the Romance genre.  Wow, I wasn't planning on it so I had no time to be nervous and it didn't go as bad as I expected but I blew it.  (In my mind at least.)  Deb from SourceBooks didn't laugh and gave suggestions so it wasn't like I visibly blew it but as I was talking in my head, the critical bitch that I am to myself was saying "Yeah Casse, way to screw it up dumbie!"  But it wasn't as bad as I make it actually went very well.  I am a major perfectionist. 

  But above all I am glad that I met some amazing women, picked up some amazing books that you will see reviewed at some point over at CatholicKittie's Litter Box...Scoop Daily! I learned a lot and heard 2 amazing speakers and met 2 awesome editors.  It was all around a new experience and fun.

Christie Craig and her rejections she let her cat "piss on"- Hilarious!

  But I am glad to be home and able to just be Cassandra now.  Casse is fun but I just like to be at home sometimes and be my anti-social, slightly neurotic, very introverted, OCDish, quirky self without having to try and "look" and "act" normal. 

  Well time to decompress I have to step into my real world tomorrow at work, where I am not Casse the Romance writer I am just Cassandra the girl behind the customer service counter. lol

Casse NaRome-Me

  Oh yea, at a completely different event my C.P Connie did NOT blow her pitch and got a request for a full!  This MS is amazing so I am not surprised and I won't be surprise when she gets signed either.  Yall are going to love it when you read it!  Go Connie!

Keep writing, reading and sharing,

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  1. You looked like you had a great time at the conference. Doesn't it make you want to go home and write for a week? LOL That's how I felt! Keep checking my blog - I might have some important news to post there soon!!!! I want to make sure everything is finalized before I post.


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