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Monday, March 22, 2010

Major Name Changes...

  Alright.  After much debate and reluctance, My hero & heroine's name have been altered and/or changed.  My CP who lives in Maine...told me it really pulls her from the story to read a State as a heroine and recommended a change of spellimg.  I took that easy enough because of the light nature of how Maine got her name. 
  When I was doing Death Know's my Name's outline I had no names for any character except Ectain's.  And the outline had 3 girls in it (only 2 of them survived to make it into the second outline.)  So I was always saying "Main girl, does this."  Main girl says this or goes there."  Eventually I was just like the heck with it her name is Maine!
  Well, that is still her name since it is tied into the story but now it is "Mayne".  And oh noooo Connie didn't stop there.  She continued to gut punch me with this next bomb...She hated hated hated Ectain's name.  Everything about it.  For her there was no saving it.  Though I couldn't give her exactly what she wanted, because Ectain Edeck comes from a background and he has a mind of his own.  HE would not let me change it.  I did decide, he will offer Mayne to call him Eric because it is "easier".
  I agreed to this because although I am one of the few who like odd named heroes; I know a lot of readers loathe them.  So now I can please both. 
  It might get a little confusing, we will see because most of my angel's would refuse to butcher Ectain's name by calling him Eric!  Since Ectain Edeck is Angelican for his previous duties and is an honor to have.  *Le Sigh*

That is all for now...oh except I finally broke 50k words!  I celebrated with a huge rice krispy treat.  Super Yum!

Keep reading, writing and sharing,

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Butt in chair, hands on keys...

  This will be a quick post because I am avoiding my WIP and soon  will make myself write.  I sent back one of my CPs edits last night.  And the other one I sent back 2 chapters and I will send back at least 2 more tonight or tomorrow night depending on how far I get on my work.
  I also blogged a review on my book blog.  I hate doing negative reviews and this one wasn't really bad just not the best but *shrugs*
  I am in the home stretch with this stage of mt WIP.  I have about 25k more words to get out then I will put it a side while I outline my next project.  It was a nanowrimo story I wrote, deleted and now I want to do it right.  It is currently called When Lily's Fall it will be Valience's story.  He is kind of the villian in my current WIP.  I am excited.  After the outline is done I have to re-read aloud Death Knows My Name and do some revising and then send it off to my CPs and Betas...oh I also need to get some Betas and at least one more CP.  Let them pick it apart while I fast draft When Lily's Fall.  Hopefully when I get the edits back I will have a very rough draft of it done and let it backburn for a while until I finish Death, get it shiney for submission.  Which I hope to send off in May.  Way before my trips this summer.

Well that's it for now.  I have to check my twitter.
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Finished the final outline...hopefully

  I am finally finished with the outline of the last few chapters of my WIP.  I am so excited.  I also haven't wrote a word since.  I am currently reading over one of my CP's first 16 pages.  I also have to read over another CP's chapters 7-14. 
  I don't mind reading manuscripts from my peers; I actually enjoy it.  Writing can be very lonely.  So without CPs and networking devices like Twitter you might find yourself difting away from writing just to fine companions.  But with CPs and Twitter you can reach out and touch fellow writers farther along in the journey.  Even published, because being published isn't the end of this journey.  It is just a new turn.  And Twitter allows me to chat with people already there so I won't be too surprised when I get there.
  CPs allow me to get some feedback from readers who also write.  I JUST found CPs and I am always looking for others who fit me and who I fit.  Its a give and take relationship.  It has to be honest and organic.
  Well, I just wanted to blog really quickly before I get back to CP duty.

Keep reading and writing,

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My first time around...

Welcome to my writer’s blog.

I think I should introduce myself. My name is Casse. (It’s said like Cassie, you know short for Cassandra.) I write under the name of Casse NaRome for my fiction titles at least. I haven’t really decided how that is going to work out yet. (Because I do write editorials and articles as well as poetry.)

This is a blog to share my journey and my attempt to score an agent, then a publishing deal.  I will share each step I take from now on that I take.  Why you ask?  Because I just like to share and have people to laugh with at my silly mistakes I have made and no doubt will make.

I have been writing since I can remember; my parents would buy my sister and me journals for Christmas since we could write and we’d spend the day filling them up with stories.  Sometimes weeks at a time, we had some awesome collaborations and intertwined stories!  But really I started poetry first when one of my 8th grade teachers showed interest in a poem of mine that I did for a huge poetry assignment and decided to enter it into a contest for me; it was picked to be published.  I still own that book 13 years later.  (Oh I think I just dated myself.)  I then decided I was interested in psychology because I wanted to understand the reason people behave the way that they do.  It came in handy because when I was 18 I was sitting on the bus an early morning headed to work and the writing bug seriously bit me. I started Born Through Desecration a Fantasy manuscript and finished it a whopping 3 years later.

The idea originally came to me in 1995 at the age of 12 when my dad let me watch The Prophecy. I was like, I kind of like these bad ass angels.  Then in 1998 I was 15 and once again, my dad, bought The Prophecy 2 and it was about Nephilims and I was in love.  It took 3 more years for the idea to finally materialize and develop into the first draft that I finished.

When I was done I did what many young and in-experience wanna-be writers do.  I printed billions of copies and sent them to not agents but more embarrassingly, publishers. I still cringe at the thought. It is a common mistake and I still get very embarassed at my jumping the gun, but I laugh and rejoice because now I have learned so much from the authors who have taken the time to help other authors even us aspiring ones.

I have since back-burned BTD but I have not totally given up on this manuscript but I am currently working on a new Paranormal Romance WIP called Death Knows My Name.  I am hoping to shine this baby up before I start pimping it out and NOT to pubs this time but carefully researched agents. See I have learned a lot from the first time around.

Keep reading, writing and sharing,

Casse NaRome

Thursday, March 11, 2010

First Post!

I decided after much debate to dazzle yall with my humor and wit for my first post but being that it is 1 AM and have yet to add to my daily word count yet I will cheat.  LOLdogz for your viewing pleasure.

I iz maiking... a writer 's blok!
see more dog and puppy pictures

Okay, now for me to try and remove this writer's block with Dr. Wicked's help.


[Edit:] Okay obviously this picture is from lolcatz not dogs...did I mention I am completely an idiot.  In my defense, it was 1AM?  Okay buh-bye.

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