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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Finished the final outline...hopefully

  I am finally finished with the outline of the last few chapters of my WIP.  I am so excited.  I also haven't wrote a word since.  I am currently reading over one of my CP's first 16 pages.  I also have to read over another CP's chapters 7-14. 
  I don't mind reading manuscripts from my peers; I actually enjoy it.  Writing can be very lonely.  So without CPs and networking devices like Twitter you might find yourself difting away from writing just to fine companions.  But with CPs and Twitter you can reach out and touch fellow writers farther along in the journey.  Even published, because being published isn't the end of this journey.  It is just a new turn.  And Twitter allows me to chat with people already there so I won't be too surprised when I get there.
  CPs allow me to get some feedback from readers who also write.  I JUST found CPs and I am always looking for others who fit me and who I fit.  Its a give and take relationship.  It has to be honest and organic.
  Well, I just wanted to blog really quickly before I get back to CP duty.

Keep reading and writing,

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  1. From one CP to another I completely agree! It's so much better to write with someone keeping you honest then trying to do it all yourself.


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