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Monday, March 22, 2010

Major Name Changes...

  Alright.  After much debate and reluctance, My hero & heroine's name have been altered and/or changed.  My CP who lives in Maine...told me it really pulls her from the story to read a State as a heroine and recommended a change of spellimg.  I took that easy enough because of the light nature of how Maine got her name. 
  When I was doing Death Know's my Name's outline I had no names for any character except Ectain's.  And the outline had 3 girls in it (only 2 of them survived to make it into the second outline.)  So I was always saying "Main girl, does this."  Main girl says this or goes there."  Eventually I was just like the heck with it her name is Maine!
  Well, that is still her name since it is tied into the story but now it is "Mayne".  And oh noooo Connie didn't stop there.  She continued to gut punch me with this next bomb...She hated hated hated Ectain's name.  Everything about it.  For her there was no saving it.  Though I couldn't give her exactly what she wanted, because Ectain Edeck comes from a background and he has a mind of his own.  HE would not let me change it.  I did decide, he will offer Mayne to call him Eric because it is "easier".
  I agreed to this because although I am one of the few who like odd named heroes; I know a lot of readers loathe them.  So now I can please both. 
  It might get a little confusing, we will see because most of my angel's would refuse to butcher Ectain's name by calling him Eric!  Since Ectain Edeck is Angelican for his previous duties and is an honor to have.  *Le Sigh*

That is all for now...oh except I finally broke 50k words!  I celebrated with a huge rice krispy treat.  Super Yum!

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  2. I know it wasn't easy but I think it helps make your characters more relate-able. You're a brave woman!


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