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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Romancing my romance: Putting the Romance in my Paranormal

I just realized that I need to romance up my freaking romance.  This is harder that one my think.  Why, you ask?  Because I don't live in a romance novel so I have to pull this stuff out of somewhere and not make it so sweet that it gags me.  Hard stuff, because my ideas of romance is a guy buying my cat a cat toy and me food!  That does not cross over well into a romance novel. lol  Now, throw in paranormal and you have a different ballgame!  How do these people find time to save the world, have mind-blowing sexxor and ROMANCE each other.

My hero needs to step the hell up!  He is letting his heroine spend too much time with her friends when he should be taking her when and where ever she can be had!  Because I think her best friend is waiting in the wings hoping to be her one day guy (if we aren't married by 35 guy.) 

This is what I am dealing with so I am hitting up my CPs for suggestions, well not just them but everyone.  How the hell can I bring the sexxy back and put the romance back in my Paranormal love affair?!


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Casse NaRome

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