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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Just a quick update

I have been doing a lot of old school writing lately, you know pen and paper. I hate this because that means I have to type it up later. That is not my favorite thing to do and my assistant... erm I mean sister refuses to do it for me, not like my hand writing is even readable either. But oh well I still have some pages to type up too, so my word count on the sidebar of blog is lower (much) than it should be.

The reason I am rocking it old school is because I try and squeeze some writing in at work because usually during the week I may have to watch the Monster, because she likes to say "surprise" I am not sleeping tonight and the devoted aunnie that I am stop my writing time and cater to my Zoey Monster. So on those days my daily word count depends on that old school writing I did at my day job. I get less interruptions at my day job (which is customer service at a grocery store) than I do at home in the wee hours of the morning. What can I say, my house hold is a bunch of early workers, which is weird since we all love to sleep.

I have a writing window of midnight (I get home from work usually around 10 so midnight everyone else has laid down for the night so I can sit and write.) Until 3:50 a.m when the first alarm goes off. And if Zoey wants to play and not sleep before 3:50 the window is smaller. But it's the aspiring writer's life I wouldn't change it. I don't complain because at least there is no deadlines! Imagine if I had a deadline like published authors do? I would go crazy, so its easy now because it's my own time. I will get it done.

I have been doing more editing lately than writing. I had to get chapter 6-10 into one of my CPs hands and then go over the edits and suggestions for Chapter 1-5 that CP sent me so I can send it to CP two to comb through. She has English degrees out the wah-zoo sooo I am pretty sure she is going to shake her head and think boy Casse is an idiot. I have no idea the proper comma us and I am in love with ellipsis. You know what most people call dot dot dot (...) Yes it has a proper name! I figured I should know it since I use it so much lol.

Well I have to go, the alarm should go off in oh 2 minutes, so my writing work day is now...done.

Keep writing and keep sharing,


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