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Saturday, April 10, 2010

No news is good news except, when it's bad news.

Okay, I found out that I did not make the finals of the writing contest.  But that is fine.  I actually found out Thursday night when I peeked at the Yellow Rose RWA chapter prez' blog and she said all finalist had been notified and since I wasn't notified by process of deduction, it wasn't me :-D  See I am a great detective. 

At first I was supper bummed and didn't want to write but when I get prime inspiration dropped in my lap via one of my best friends, it's hard not to snatch it up and seize the day.  I am sure either my CP or my hard ass wench of a beta reader (love you cousin) will hate it and demand that it not make the final cut.  It cheered me up to write and I snickered the entire time while writing it.  So here it is witthout further adou.


  It was dark as Becca drove me to the airport. She tapped the wheel with her long slender

fingers to the music. She suddenly sat up straight in her seat and turned her head to look at the

restaurant that we had just passed.

“Eyes on the road Becca, I am serious. I knew I should have taken a cab.” I scolded as I

shook my head.

“Was that Eric Bana we just passed? I think it was.”

I shrugged. “In Washington, I highly doubt it.”

“No, I am for real. I think it was Bana!”

I rolled my eyes. “Oh sure. Who cares Becca. You are married and not like he would

choose you over me and I, am off the market.” I flipped my hair hotly. Taken by another Eric.

I added silently and fought to hide my grin behind my hand and failing miserably.

She glared at me. But I only pointed to the road trying to draw her attention back to it.

Sheesh. How the hell did she get her license when she never freaking paid attention to what was

in front of her.

“What Becca, it’s not like you have a good track record? Remember when you claimed to see

Hugh Jackman?” I threw out there innocently.

“I did! At the stop light on the corner in Blue Ridge you know the light that stays red forever.

We both looked over at one another at the same time. It was a moment, Mayne.”

I stared at the side of her face to show my disbelief. “Uh-huh. In Seattle because all the

hunky Hollywood stars hang out here.”

She eased on the brake at a four way stop and turned to me pointing angrily. “Hugh and I

shared a moment. It was real and it was deep!”

I laughed. “No, Becca you and a random nobody shared a long red light stare down.  Sounds creepy to me

but I guess it was the hottest 5 seconds of your life. I am sure to that poor upper-class Joe Shmoe, it was

something too. Red light love. Hey maybe Jackman will make that a Broadway play?”

“You are one mean little woman when you want to be. You will see. One day Hugh is going

to be talking about the one who got away and guess what. He will tell the red light story.” She

huffed at me pouting. I turned my head so I can grin out the window. She was crazy and I

missed her all this time. I was glad now I could spend more time with her. Now that I knew

that I wouldn’t bring anymore pain.

My heart suddenly clenched. When she died, she wouldn’t be my memory to keep but

Anya’s. I sighed and shook my head. I had to find away to stop this. I was one thing but

Anya that was another. I didn’t want her to be as confused as I was growing up.

Becca stopped and I looked at her confused. I guess I had been lost in my thoughts because

we had made it to the airport.

She raised her eyebrow. “We are here. What? Did you want curb side service?”

“No, it’s just, that was fast.”

“Want me to drive around the block?” She asked teasingly.

“No. You could have least pulled up to the unloading zone.”

“It’s packed and I don’t want to wait. Luke is with the girls and he wants to put them to bed

early so we can-.”

I hopped out the car. “Ewl. Too much Rebecca. I don’t care.” I yanked my bags from the

car and closed the door. I took a step away from the car and as she prepared to pull away I went

back and opened the door and bent down to peek inside. “I love you sis.”

Her eyes widened and the she smiled softly. “I love you too. Call me when you get home.”

I nodded agreeing that I would. I knew that deep down that this time, I really would call her. I

smiled and turned from the car and dragged my bags towards the airport entrance as she pulled


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  1. I loved this scene Casse! Can't tell yet where it's going to end up in the book but I love it! Your dialogue flows really naturally.


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