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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pre New Years resolutions,

I only have one resolution this year.  I know it's a bit early but I am trying to be more organized this year...Okay not organized but a bit more prepared.  So I have thought about my new year wants early. 

I am going to be published.  Not this year exactly but one of my novels will be published.  That's it.  In order to acheive this goal I will finish at least 2 manuscripts.  Death Knows My Name is about 2 years old and it still needs the ending written.  I know how it ends I just need to write it so I will.  The Reborn needs a brainstorm plotting, and to be written so I will do that too in the new year.

Okay, 2011...I'm coming for you!  I am also going to email my CPs...its been too long and I MISS THEM and their writing!


Friday, November 19, 2010

Ow! There goes my foot.

I will speak the TRUTH in all my ways; I will Talk the Talk and walk the walk. I will be a lamp on a hill. We speak the truth in love-with a view to saving souls. We speak the truth to uplift and comfort the fainthearted. We speak the truth to restore those who have wandered from God and into sin. We speak the truth to instruct and exhort. We speak the truth to encourage and admonish. We speak the truth to correct and persuade. Always, always, we speak the truth to glorify God.
I get a lot of advice from writers and the leading one is “Watch what you say about certain topic.” Understandable but if I am going to be true to myself…I can’t do that. A couple of reasons why, the first being I am stubborn but really it’s that I find the fact that it’s being asked of us very offensive.

I just don’t see anybody saying this to a guy writer to the extent that it is said to us women. I know yall can hear the rawr coming but seriously. What gives? Because I write books I can’t speak my mind? Because I want to sell said books I can’t have an opinion on politics, war and homosexuality? I am calling bullshit. I have a mind and just because a person reads my books (Okay I am claiming it for the future, just give me this?) does not mean they have the right to keep me silent. And if they don’t agree and for that reason the refuse to by my novel (a book that is made up) and has nothing to do with how, where, and when I stand? SO BE IT! It may hurt me in the long run but it would hurt my soul more in the end to be silenced for any reason. I can just see myself standing before God and Him asking, “What do you have to say about your life?” What do I want to say, “I saw something going in a way I felt was wrong and didn’t say anything. Wait- no chill God because I did reach number 156 on such and such best book list.” No I don’t think that would be a good feeling. I want to be able to say, “I spoke for those too afraid to speak; I lifted my voice for those who had no voice and God, I rocked it. I only sold 2 copies of my book but God, I spoke!” Yeah I like that better, thanks Mom for buying those 2 copies. I know it was her even in a hypothetical.

But what about the agents? I can hear some of you gasp. Yeah, the agents, they Google my name and there pops up my rant on gay marriage. *shrugs* I think they deserve the same right to express their love as everybody else. Big deal. If an agent wants to sign me, we need to fit. Us fitting also means they need to know me. I am a person with opinions, it’s not the 50’s women have minds and a mouth and it’s okay for me to use mine. Really it is, if they disagree. *cringe* I am sorry I can’t sign with you. I am sure I will be cussing myself out if no other break happens but do I really want to start my dream knowing it’s all on my crumpled beliefs?

I speak out against things I feel wrong, how else will the wheels of change get greased? I can see all of you shaking your head thinking, “Another aspiring writer self destructing.” Gawd I hope not…maybe? Crap maybe I am shooting myself in the foot but in the end all I can do is be me and hell, it’s my foot.

Keep Writing, Keep Reading, and Keep Speaking,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's November and YAY I'm a slacker.

Hey friends,
It’s November you all know what that means…it’s NaNoWriMo time and the first major holiday of the “Winter Holidays” is rapidly approaching so it is time for me to feel like a slacker. I am so far behind on everything I possibly can be behind on.

My NaNo count is embarrassing, my thanksgiving menu plan is unfinished and overwhelming, Christmas shopping not even begun or thought of and work is well it is work so it sucks especially with the more hours and getting off at midnight which cuts into my (knowing that I should be but am not) writing time. Oh and my book blog is last review is dated as September. That can’t be right, can it? To top it off I am insanely behind on my CP stuff.

So yes it’s November and it’s kicking my ass.

The overwhelmed,


Friday, September 3, 2010

Claws way up from deadlines

The one thing that aspiring writers have to get use to is living deadline to deadline and not getting buried by them.  I have not learned that yet.  I have revisions on one MS and writing another story which is completely different.  My brain is screaming "Am I YA or Adult right now."  I know that because of this switching I am going to have to edit a lot of no no words from my Young Adult wip. lol

Also what's killing my meeting deadline is TWITTER!  It will be my death.  But it also keeps me sane.  I do also feel complete inadequate when it comes to balancing writing and family and living.  I may after first part of revisions on Death Know My Name is done and contest entries are ready, take a few days off.

That's all for now.
Keep reading, writing and sharing.
Casse NaRome

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Reborn- Editor's Choice

I am happy to be able to say that the YA I am working was picked as an Editor's Choice on TextNovel.  I am excited and completely shocked by this.  It came as a surprise.  This my first YA so I am pretty excited.  I had a feeling while writing the chapters that I had something good and it is my for fun novel.  I am so glad people are enjoying reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.  Dain and Tara pretty much tell me how they want things to go and if they misbehave I go all evil author on them.  It's a fun journey.

I need votes.  So please go check out The Reborn.  Read it and if you like it vote.  I also love comments on the story. 

For ninety-nine life times Dain has loved Tara and for only some of those ninety-nine has she love him in return.
Something has changed...Now Tara remembers...She is the only one...
With all the forces they are up against, Tara has to find away to make him remember so they can be with one another this one last time...
Because this is the only time that matters...
...This is the last time they will be Reborn.

Monday, July 5, 2010

New Project TextNovel

I started a new short WIP and I am very excited.  It's a YA paranormal romance that I am for now calling The Reborn.  I wish I could show yall the picture that inspired it but right now I can't.  I will ask if I can link it and then share with yall. 

What I can share is the synopsis:

For ninety-nine life times Dain DuMarcos the Marquis has loved Tara Croix and for only some of those ninety-nine has she love him in return.

With all the forces they are up against, Dain has to find away to make her remember so they can be with one another this one last time...

Because this is the only time that matters...

                                               ...This is the last time they will be Reborn.

This is a total departure for me because for one it is YA and two most importantly, there isn't a bit of angels in it.  Just something I thought of because forevers always runs out.  Also it is a short story so it has to be fast paced.  I am hoping this will be like practice so I can get pacing down better when comes down to my Death Knows My Name edits.

I am going to update the chapters one a night hopefully every night until its done, so you can go to to read the new additions.  Chapter One-See you next lifetime. is up already.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bad writer, Bad!

  I have been horrible!  My word count for May was low and worst my June count is standing at pretty much ZIP...Zelch!  I have been on vacation and etc which is no no NO excuse I know but I hate doing endings.  I am at the end of a WIP and I have to end it and I am stuck.  How do I end a great love affair not between my wip and I but between Mayne and Eric.

  I promise to be better I promise.  He is a snippet of a rough draft of a synopsis:
Mayne Le Claire has spent her adult life closed off emotionally from the world around her. She has learned very early on that those who get close to her end up dead. She knows she is cursed but what she doesn’t know is why.

Eric Ectain Edeck is death, literally. It is his duty to call soul after soul and deliver them to their afterlife rather it be Heaven or Shol. He makes no apologize for what he has to do and does it without fail. That is, until he lays eyes on Mayne Le Claire whose name appears on his list time after time.

The one time Eric cannot bare to call a name was when Mayne was seventeen and her first love, Dante, appeared on his list.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

How I work.

  This past NaNoWriMo I worked on and finished a rough rough ROUGH draft of When Lily's Fall.  I decided to scrap it all together because I hated it sooo much.  I was walking home one night from work and realized why I hated it so badly.  The heroine was way too weak and then Lily came to me.  I love when that happens.  Her entire story popped into my mind.  I also decided to make her broken but not weak.  She is damaged by men.  But her Hero, Valience is also very very damaged as well.  I am actually excited to try and skeleton sketch this story out.  I don't plot but I skeleton sketch my stories just to get to know all my characters.  I have to find all my notes from the original to see if the core story can be saved.  I will probably do that after I move so maybe in August.  Here is the start of the original.  Hope you enjoy it.

Before the Fall

"So you are clear on what it is you must do?"

Valience nodded. "Yes."

"Any questions?" The other man asked. It earned him a sneer.

"Would you have me do this job if I needed questions answered first." And Valience was correct, all knew his reputation. He killed quickly, was competent, and had no time for the why's. Just tell him the who and they were dead. Then, you pay. (This is in red because if I were editing this story it would be deleted.)
Chapter One

Rain fell like angels

The rain fell hard around my car. The wipers worked overtime trying to clear the away the rain. I leaned forward squinting trying to see past the rain. I pulled my car away from the center lane where slick puddles were building up. I had a few miles to go before the exit that would take me away from populated civilization onto my rural gravel road that's lengths were probably flood.

I forced myself to sit back and relax or I give myself a headache. I scolded myself for being so tense. The lights shining off the pavement was doing a good job of that on its own.

I saw my exit coming up so I made my way over to the correct lane and got off the highway. My road was getting flooded so I was going to have to check on the barn when I got home. To make the hey didn’t get soaked. I couldn’t afford to replace it if it got molded. I sighed. Some times I wondered why I even bother trying to keep up with the maintenance of this old decrepit farm. But then I remember my father’s prideful face as he worked the farm by himself, or even when I was out there helping him. He always fought for this farm and at least I could do was no less than what he did. He had left me his pride and joy, all he had when he passed away last year. This farm.

"Lily," he would start. "You can always tell a man's worth by what he leaves his legacy. You are that legacy and this is what I leave you." He would finish the lecture with arms spread wide as he turned in a slow flourishing circle like a king admiring his land. Took me years to say he was a hard working and that was his worth and what he wanted his legacy to be.

And I do admit, on the days when missing him nearly crushed me, being outside, working the farm, I could feel him there right with me. Sometimes I’d even hear him laugh just to turn to see his beaming smile at me and be alone. I missed him so much. Some days more than others. So that is why I must try and keep this farm. It is all I have left of my parents.

They had fell in love on this farm. Raised me on this farm. And I had lost them both. My Mother years ago. When I was a child. I lost her to herself. I pulled up to the house and stopped the car. I prepared myself to be bombarded by the rain.

I stepped out right into a puddle. Greeeat. I slammed the car door and the sound echoed for miles, or so it seemed. I had no neighbors. None at all. I kicked the water form my soaked shoe and hurriedly made my way to my porch. I dropped all my things and then made my way around the house to the back and towards the barn. My hair was slicked to my fast by the time I made it there. I made sure all the animals were safe and dry before I went to the task of sandbagging the barn entrance so the water wouldn’t ruin the hey stacks.

By the time I made it back into the house, I was soaking, shivering and hungry. I showered and dressed in warm dry clothes and set to the task of finding something to eat. I was all to aware, that this big house was awfully lonely tonight.

++ ++ ++

I saw a barn up a head. Finally a shelter from this driving rain. I had traveled through nothing but wooded areas for what seemed like hours. But really it might have been only two. As I drew neared to the shelter I saw a woman lugging sandbags and butting them just inside the barn door and a row or two on the outside. I realized that she had no idea what the hell she was doing. But I did not disturb her. I didn’t want to ruin her pride. When she finally returned to the main house I bunkered up in the barn. The smell of animal didn’t bother me. And the animals didn’t seem too bothered with my smell. So we cohabited in the small, damp but warm barn and I slept. It wasn't a peaceful sleep, but one full of nightmares. Only I was the monster. Since I had awoken in a forest, so it seemed with rain splattering on my face, I could not remember anything but my name. Valience. It seemed to be burned in me so deep that it would never be forgotten. Maybe these nightmares were not dreams at all but memories? My God, I hope not. My God. That seemed familiar. My God, once maybe but I had a feeling that not anymore. Can God be disowned? Of course not. I am being silly. It was me. I was the one disowned?

++ ++ ++

I woke up to the sun. As rainy as it was last night the sun still made its way out this morning. My boots sunk into the mud as I made my way out to the barn to muck the stalls and feed and water all the animals. When I walked up to the barn, I saw that the sandbags stacked up differently than I had originally had them. I pushed them out the way and opened the door.

“Hey, babies. How was your night?” I said to the animals. My words stuck in my throat. There was a man sprawled out on the hey. I froze. Could I back out of here before he noticed? What if he was a psycho killer? I turned to run and the toe of my foot caught on the edge of one of the sandbags. I fell to the ground in a graceless heap.

"Umph!" I tried to scramble to my feet but it was too late. I heard rustling behind me. I turned over and was staring right into the coldest eyes I had ever seen.

Chapter two
Tete-a-tete por dueax

The man looked at me like I was prey. I fought to find my footing. I wanted to face this beast on my feet.

"Do you need my assistance in standing?" The voice was deep but held no feeling. It seemed detached. The aloof man did not wait for my answer because he put his hands underneath my shoulders and pulled me to my feet. He let me go so swiftly I stumbled forward into his chest.

"Sorry. Thank you." I hesitated briefly. "Why are you in my barn?"

"It rained last night." Was his simple reply.

I stared at him. "Yes, I am aware that it rained. I have soggy shoes as proof. Why are you in here."

"Where else would I go? Nothing else is around here." He spoke truly. There was nothing for miles on either side.

"Are you dangerous?" I asked plainly. His dark eyes looked dangerous. Downright deadly.

"I can be but I have no plans or reason to hurt you." He spoke as if that was a perfectly rational thing to say. His blunt honesty was disconcerting.

"Well, come on to the main house. You can shower up while I make breakfast. You can put on some of my dad's clothes. They shouldn't be too bad a fit." I started walking to the house.

"He won't mind?"

I looked back briefly. "What do the dead care."

"So he is dead than?" He spoke as if he were asking after the weather.

"Yes." He took up a pace beside me. I noticed he didn't apologize like everyone else feels the need to do after you hear of once death. I looked out the corner of my eye at him. He hadn't seemed to look over at me in notice.

"Yes?" He asked.

"I am going into the city later, did you need a ride anywhere?"

"No, I wouldn't even know where to go." He didn't offer anymore.

"Homeless than? You don't look homeless."

"I wouldn't know. I don't remember anything before yesterday morning." I stopped and he stopped after a few additional steps.

I took the two steps to him and placed my hands on his head, in examination.

"Are you hurt? Head injury?" He stopped my prodding by taking my hands in his. They were strong hands. He smiled for the first time, albeit a very small one.

"I don't think I am hurt." He looked into my eyes.

"No headache then?" He took one of his hands from me and only then did I realize I was still holding them. He rubbed his brow.

"Yes, When I wake. Then it fades throughout the day."

I began to walk again and tugged on the remaining hand I held.

"Come on. Lets see what can be done."

I got him set up for his shower. I set pain pills and water by the clean clothes and towels I sat out for him. Then I left him so I could prepare breakfast.

++ ++ ++

The towels smelled like the woman, crisp, clean and soapy. The scent of her filled my nostrils from the second I helped her up. The initial fear she felt to the softness she felt when she became concerned.

Her body intrigued me. She had curves beneath her clothes. Her hips and butt, round. Firm would be my guess.

The images of my dreams flashed before my eyes. The things I did in these dreams made me concerned for this generous woman. The things.

I stood on a grassy knoll. Blood, dirt and sweat striking down my face. To my left a breath takingly gorgeous woman stood. She looked feral. We had just shared in a massacre of 185,000 people. Blood soaked her hair.

There was a knock on the door.

"Did you drown in there?"

I opened the door just as I pulled on my shirt. Her eyes went to my t-shirt covered chest. It was a little tight across but apparently she liked what she saw. I successfully fought the urge to smile.

"I'm done." I informed her. She shook her head and visibly forced herself to look me in the eyes. I saw a delicious heat behind them.

"Breakfast is ready. Hope you have an appetite. I don't remember how much guys eat so I made a lot." She prattled.

I shrugged. "You don't spend time with a lot of guys?"

She mirrored my shrug back to me. "I do, we just don't spend the time eating." She paused, then added. "Not food anyway." I noticed a spark in her eyes before she turned to walk away.

I watched her lead the way, pausing to take in the view before following her.

I enjoyed the heat this woman made me feel. I couldn't remember having this feeling and couldn't help wondering if I had; if so who had I felt it with before. How was it even possible to forget this inquichable heat?

++ ++ ++

I felt his eyes on me as I lead the way to the dining room. I felt sort of uncomfortable but I also liked it and welcomed the attention.

“Take a seat."

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I can let my hair down.

Christie Craig's rejections author of Divorced, Desperate and Delicious

  I had a good time today.  I went to Yellow Rose RWA Luncheon and had a great time.  It was good to get out of my introvert's cave and just talk to people.  Better yet talk to fellow writers which is probably why I had as fun as I did. 

Rachel Caine author of MorganVille Vampires

  I learned a lot and gave my very first pitch to an editor in the Romance genre.  Wow, I wasn't planning on it so I had no time to be nervous and it didn't go as bad as I expected but I blew it.  (In my mind at least.)  Deb from SourceBooks didn't laugh and gave suggestions so it wasn't like I visibly blew it but as I was talking in my head, the critical bitch that I am to myself was saying "Yeah Casse, way to screw it up dumbie!"  But it wasn't as bad as I make it actually went very well.  I am a major perfectionist. 

  But above all I am glad that I met some amazing women, picked up some amazing books that you will see reviewed at some point over at CatholicKittie's Litter Box...Scoop Daily! I learned a lot and heard 2 amazing speakers and met 2 awesome editors.  It was all around a new experience and fun.

Christie Craig and her rejections she let her cat "piss on"- Hilarious!

  But I am glad to be home and able to just be Cassandra now.  Casse is fun but I just like to be at home sometimes and be my anti-social, slightly neurotic, very introverted, OCDish, quirky self without having to try and "look" and "act" normal. 

  Well time to decompress I have to step into my real world tomorrow at work, where I am not Casse the Romance writer I am just Cassandra the girl behind the customer service counter. lol

Casse NaRome-Me

  Oh yea, at a completely different event my C.P Connie did NOT blow her pitch and got a request for a full!  This MS is amazing so I am not surprised and I won't be surprise when she gets signed either.  Yall are going to love it when you read it!  Go Connie!

Keep writing, reading and sharing,

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Do you accept me: Where it all began...for me at least.

I was in 8th grade or it was probably the summer before 8th grade and my dad bought me the sequel to one of my favorite movies, The Prophecy with Christopher Walken, Eric Stoltz, and Viggo Mortensen. Can you say yum? I had already had an attraction to angels, I believe, from the amount that I liked that movie so of course I had to watch 2.

Enter angel Danyeal (hottie Russell Wong), He has come to Earth and a woman "hits" him with her car she takes him in to care for him and of course they end up doing the due. During the sex having Danyeal asks the hottest words ever muttered on full screen, "Do you accept me?" Oh my Gawd! My little 13 year old heart went pitter pat. The woman, of course says yes and BAM, it is done...his angel seed is planted and days later she is like in advance pregnancy. What happens next is interesting but it is not important for this post. Because up until that moment, I wasn't aware of the fact that Angels can and have been with human women and now was aware. The thought was so hott to me.

I love bad boys so a fallen angel?...Yes I find that appealing, very (in fantasy life ok? So any angels reading this if you were to approach me in real life I would turn you down...regretfully). I don't like the Demon fallen angel mind you I don't find them sexy. They scare me, but the ones that love God but only have fallen for love? Oh yea I find that damn Hott! Every girl wants that! A guy to choice her over everything else? Yes! Most women won't admit it but I will. Yes, deep down I want a guy to pick me over any and everything and one. I do. I am not ashamed to say it, PICK ME DAMN IT! So a Nephilims or Nephalims (as I spell it in my books because there are many celestial beings who took human wives the A for the angels that bore/spawned them) they are the ultimate bad boy that make the ultimate choice for love. Yes, I wants that.

"Fallen Angel" by Dalia Kochnev
©Dalia Kochnev. All rights reserved!
He was sitting there, staring into nothing, looking like it, and if it wasn't for the wings, one would never come close. And none of the people walking by would see them.
He hadn't been banished.
 He walked away.

That is why I write novels about fallen angels. That is why I read novels about fallen angels. That is why I love fallen angels and love what I do...

Keep writing, reading and sharing,

Casse NaRome!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

If my current WIP were a movie...

I was going to blog about the hotness of Fallen Angels but I cannot find the picture I want anywhere so I will try and get it scanned for my next post.  Lucky for us thought there are plenty pictures of the actor and actress from my favorite show Being Human on BBC/BBC America. 

If I were to make my WIP into a movie I would beg that they cast Aiden Turner and Lenora Crichlow!
Here are the Heroine and Hero of Death Knows My Name...Of course Aiden would have to get a little more "Solid/lean muscles" & paint on a face tattoo but he is so hott!  Enjoy.

Also more important here are some links I find helpful: Query Shark and

Keep writing, reading and sharing,
Casse NaRome!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mythos of an Author

You hear a lot of horror stories about writers who don't want to help one another out and in my experience this far, I find that completely untrue. I have only come across wonderful women who are always willing to help and offer advice. The authors I have come across are down to earth and want to lead you in the right direction. So if anyone tells you published authors want to keep the aspiring writers out because they are afraid of competition, I am telling you that is for the most part false, authors love books so of course they want new voices out there because they want to read your books too. I am sure there are a few less than helpful ones but thank God I have not come across them.

Also people often mistake an author's unwillingness to read an aspiring writers manuscript as being snooty, but that is not the case. They are covering themselves. I understand that completely. So if you ask an author tells you no, don't get rude on them because they are not trying to be unhelpful but they really have to protect themselves. If you want a published author reading your MS I would suggest getting a mentor.

This leads me to Critique Partners and groups. This is an important relationship I have found out. I love all aspiring writers so I am always willing to read other aspiring writers WIP or finished MS to tell them my opinions and feedback. It is just who I am. I love books and want to help get good ones out into the world so if I can help by reading a fellow writer's work than by all means, I will do it! But being a CP is a responsibility. It is a give and take. I take my CPing duties seriously. I have heard horror stories of hateful CPs just tearing their partner down; I can only assume it is out of jealousy or trying to make sure no one will make it before them. I find that ridiculous! When one of my CPs do well I am celebrating just as hard as them. I am over the moon happy for them and I walk around with a grin on my face like it's my MS. Why? Because I love love love books, writing and writers so I want success of all these things.

I try and make sure my partnership is not one sided but if I see that my partner is closer than I am I will focus on helping them and I let them take the spotlight and not email them every day like did you read mine did you read mine did you read mine yet? Because when it comes down to it, they have to work too and my time will come soon too so it’s a give and take- ying and yang. has a great handout where it talks about all the partnerships a writer may possibly have. Here is the link. Hope it helps. And if you write romance, I recommend joining Romance Writers of America

Keep writing, reading and sharing,

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Just finish the first draft THEN edit.

That is what I have been screaming at myself because my internal editor/perfectionist is killing my word count. I keep trying to explain that I can revise until my heart is content but first finish the story!

I need need need to finish this MS. You wouldn't think it would be all that hard since it is already outlined the last 4 chapters. It seems so good too but I am nervous. Bad critique has shaken me a bit. It is actually the first taste of negative feedback on this particular project. I can feel my gator skin growing nice and think. Because although I know you have to have thick skin in this business you also have to be able to pick apart the feedback and decide what you need and what you need to throw away to keep the story true to what you are trying to tell, it is hard to hear some things.

I am thinking about submitting a short story to cellstories and smashwords. Two different stories. The cellstories is a short story on a girl’s first time and is very sweet. And the smashwords is I am not sure exactly but it will be paranormally and fantasy like. I will let yall know and I am going to try and outline and not fly into the mist. Wish me luck.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

This is my co-author

Thanks for reading!
Casse NaRome & Zoey!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Just a quick update

I have been doing a lot of old school writing lately, you know pen and paper. I hate this because that means I have to type it up later. That is not my favorite thing to do and my assistant... erm I mean sister refuses to do it for me, not like my hand writing is even readable either. But oh well I still have some pages to type up too, so my word count on the sidebar of blog is lower (much) than it should be.

The reason I am rocking it old school is because I try and squeeze some writing in at work because usually during the week I may have to watch the Monster, because she likes to say "surprise" I am not sleeping tonight and the devoted aunnie that I am stop my writing time and cater to my Zoey Monster. So on those days my daily word count depends on that old school writing I did at my day job. I get less interruptions at my day job (which is customer service at a grocery store) than I do at home in the wee hours of the morning. What can I say, my house hold is a bunch of early workers, which is weird since we all love to sleep.

I have a writing window of midnight (I get home from work usually around 10 so midnight everyone else has laid down for the night so I can sit and write.) Until 3:50 a.m when the first alarm goes off. And if Zoey wants to play and not sleep before 3:50 the window is smaller. But it's the aspiring writer's life I wouldn't change it. I don't complain because at least there is no deadlines! Imagine if I had a deadline like published authors do? I would go crazy, so its easy now because it's my own time. I will get it done.

I have been doing more editing lately than writing. I had to get chapter 6-10 into one of my CPs hands and then go over the edits and suggestions for Chapter 1-5 that CP sent me so I can send it to CP two to comb through. She has English degrees out the wah-zoo sooo I am pretty sure she is going to shake her head and think boy Casse is an idiot. I have no idea the proper comma us and I am in love with ellipsis. You know what most people call dot dot dot (...) Yes it has a proper name! I figured I should know it since I use it so much lol.

Well I have to go, the alarm should go off in oh 2 minutes, so my writing work day is now...done.

Keep writing and keep sharing,


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Romancing my romance: Putting the Romance in my Paranormal

I just realized that I need to romance up my freaking romance.  This is harder that one my think.  Why, you ask?  Because I don't live in a romance novel so I have to pull this stuff out of somewhere and not make it so sweet that it gags me.  Hard stuff, because my ideas of romance is a guy buying my cat a cat toy and me food!  That does not cross over well into a romance novel. lol  Now, throw in paranormal and you have a different ballgame!  How do these people find time to save the world, have mind-blowing sexxor and ROMANCE each other.

My hero needs to step the hell up!  He is letting his heroine spend too much time with her friends when he should be taking her when and where ever she can be had!  Because I think her best friend is waiting in the wings hoping to be her one day guy (if we aren't married by 35 guy.) 

This is what I am dealing with so I am hitting up my CPs for suggestions, well not just them but everyone.  How the hell can I bring the sexxy back and put the romance back in my Paranormal love affair?!


Keep writing, sharing and reading,
Casse NaRome

Saturday, April 10, 2010

No news is good news except, when it's bad news.

Okay, I found out that I did not make the finals of the writing contest.  But that is fine.  I actually found out Thursday night when I peeked at the Yellow Rose RWA chapter prez' blog and she said all finalist had been notified and since I wasn't notified by process of deduction, it wasn't me :-D  See I am a great detective. 

At first I was supper bummed and didn't want to write but when I get prime inspiration dropped in my lap via one of my best friends, it's hard not to snatch it up and seize the day.  I am sure either my CP or my hard ass wench of a beta reader (love you cousin) will hate it and demand that it not make the final cut.  It cheered me up to write and I snickered the entire time while writing it.  So here it is witthout further adou.


  It was dark as Becca drove me to the airport. She tapped the wheel with her long slender

fingers to the music. She suddenly sat up straight in her seat and turned her head to look at the

restaurant that we had just passed.

“Eyes on the road Becca, I am serious. I knew I should have taken a cab.” I scolded as I

shook my head.

“Was that Eric Bana we just passed? I think it was.”

I shrugged. “In Washington, I highly doubt it.”

“No, I am for real. I think it was Bana!”

I rolled my eyes. “Oh sure. Who cares Becca. You are married and not like he would

choose you over me and I, am off the market.” I flipped my hair hotly. Taken by another Eric.

I added silently and fought to hide my grin behind my hand and failing miserably.

She glared at me. But I only pointed to the road trying to draw her attention back to it.

Sheesh. How the hell did she get her license when she never freaking paid attention to what was

in front of her.

“What Becca, it’s not like you have a good track record? Remember when you claimed to see

Hugh Jackman?” I threw out there innocently.

“I did! At the stop light on the corner in Blue Ridge you know the light that stays red forever.

We both looked over at one another at the same time. It was a moment, Mayne.”

I stared at the side of her face to show my disbelief. “Uh-huh. In Seattle because all the

hunky Hollywood stars hang out here.”

She eased on the brake at a four way stop and turned to me pointing angrily. “Hugh and I

shared a moment. It was real and it was deep!”

I laughed. “No, Becca you and a random nobody shared a long red light stare down.  Sounds creepy to me

but I guess it was the hottest 5 seconds of your life. I am sure to that poor upper-class Joe Shmoe, it was

something too. Red light love. Hey maybe Jackman will make that a Broadway play?”

“You are one mean little woman when you want to be. You will see. One day Hugh is going

to be talking about the one who got away and guess what. He will tell the red light story.” She

huffed at me pouting. I turned my head so I can grin out the window. She was crazy and I

missed her all this time. I was glad now I could spend more time with her. Now that I knew

that I wouldn’t bring anymore pain.

My heart suddenly clenched. When she died, she wouldn’t be my memory to keep but

Anya’s. I sighed and shook my head. I had to find away to stop this. I was one thing but

Anya that was another. I didn’t want her to be as confused as I was growing up.

Becca stopped and I looked at her confused. I guess I had been lost in my thoughts because

we had made it to the airport.

She raised her eyebrow. “We are here. What? Did you want curb side service?”

“No, it’s just, that was fast.”

“Want me to drive around the block?” She asked teasingly.

“No. You could have least pulled up to the unloading zone.”

“It’s packed and I don’t want to wait. Luke is with the girls and he wants to put them to bed

early so we can-.”

I hopped out the car. “Ewl. Too much Rebecca. I don’t care.” I yanked my bags from the

car and closed the door. I took a step away from the car and as she prepared to pull away I went

back and opened the door and bent down to peek inside. “I love you sis.”

Her eyes widened and the she smiled softly. “I love you too. Call me when you get home.”

I nodded agreeing that I would. I knew that deep down that this time, I really would call her. I

smiled and turned from the car and dragged my bags towards the airport entrance as she pulled


Friday, April 9, 2010

Nerve racking

  I hate putting myself up for abuse and that is exactly what I did.  This past January, I joined Yellow Rose which is a chapter of RWA and then entered the "Winter Rose" contest.  WHY!  I was so calm and peaceful with only a few panic moments when I thought "someone could be reading my words right now.
  Well, tomorrow is the day I find out if they loved it or hated it and I am on pins and needles.  I am crazy nervous.  I know I should get use to it but I need a drink.  I have been snapping at people all day.  I am seriously surprised my day job didn't fire me.  I did not provide very good customer service today.
  *Sigh*  I have changed a lot of my WIP I entered since January so I am nervous about that.  I wish I was better prepared for the contest because I would possibly be a little less nervous.
  I will post how it goes later, if you hear sobbing from my corner of Texas, yep it's me. 

Casse NaRome

Monday, March 22, 2010

Major Name Changes...

  Alright.  After much debate and reluctance, My hero & heroine's name have been altered and/or changed.  My CP who lives in Maine...told me it really pulls her from the story to read a State as a heroine and recommended a change of spellimg.  I took that easy enough because of the light nature of how Maine got her name. 
  When I was doing Death Know's my Name's outline I had no names for any character except Ectain's.  And the outline had 3 girls in it (only 2 of them survived to make it into the second outline.)  So I was always saying "Main girl, does this."  Main girl says this or goes there."  Eventually I was just like the heck with it her name is Maine!
  Well, that is still her name since it is tied into the story but now it is "Mayne".  And oh noooo Connie didn't stop there.  She continued to gut punch me with this next bomb...She hated hated hated Ectain's name.  Everything about it.  For her there was no saving it.  Though I couldn't give her exactly what she wanted, because Ectain Edeck comes from a background and he has a mind of his own.  HE would not let me change it.  I did decide, he will offer Mayne to call him Eric because it is "easier".
  I agreed to this because although I am one of the few who like odd named heroes; I know a lot of readers loathe them.  So now I can please both. 
  It might get a little confusing, we will see because most of my angel's would refuse to butcher Ectain's name by calling him Eric!  Since Ectain Edeck is Angelican for his previous duties and is an honor to have.  *Le Sigh*

That is all for now...oh except I finally broke 50k words!  I celebrated with a huge rice krispy treat.  Super Yum!

Keep reading, writing and sharing,

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Butt in chair, hands on keys...

  This will be a quick post because I am avoiding my WIP and soon  will make myself write.  I sent back one of my CPs edits last night.  And the other one I sent back 2 chapters and I will send back at least 2 more tonight or tomorrow night depending on how far I get on my work.
  I also blogged a review on my book blog.  I hate doing negative reviews and this one wasn't really bad just not the best but *shrugs*
  I am in the home stretch with this stage of mt WIP.  I have about 25k more words to get out then I will put it a side while I outline my next project.  It was a nanowrimo story I wrote, deleted and now I want to do it right.  It is currently called When Lily's Fall it will be Valience's story.  He is kind of the villian in my current WIP.  I am excited.  After the outline is done I have to re-read aloud Death Knows My Name and do some revising and then send it off to my CPs and Betas...oh I also need to get some Betas and at least one more CP.  Let them pick it apart while I fast draft When Lily's Fall.  Hopefully when I get the edits back I will have a very rough draft of it done and let it backburn for a while until I finish Death, get it shiney for submission.  Which I hope to send off in May.  Way before my trips this summer.

Well that's it for now.  I have to check my twitter.
Keep reading, writing and sharing,

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Finished the final outline...hopefully

  I am finally finished with the outline of the last few chapters of my WIP.  I am so excited.  I also haven't wrote a word since.  I am currently reading over one of my CP's first 16 pages.  I also have to read over another CP's chapters 7-14. 
  I don't mind reading manuscripts from my peers; I actually enjoy it.  Writing can be very lonely.  So without CPs and networking devices like Twitter you might find yourself difting away from writing just to fine companions.  But with CPs and Twitter you can reach out and touch fellow writers farther along in the journey.  Even published, because being published isn't the end of this journey.  It is just a new turn.  And Twitter allows me to chat with people already there so I won't be too surprised when I get there.
  CPs allow me to get some feedback from readers who also write.  I JUST found CPs and I am always looking for others who fit me and who I fit.  Its a give and take relationship.  It has to be honest and organic.
  Well, I just wanted to blog really quickly before I get back to CP duty.

Keep reading and writing,

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My first time around...

Welcome to my writer’s blog.

I think I should introduce myself. My name is Casse. (It’s said like Cassie, you know short for Cassandra.) I write under the name of Casse NaRome for my fiction titles at least. I haven’t really decided how that is going to work out yet. (Because I do write editorials and articles as well as poetry.)

This is a blog to share my journey and my attempt to score an agent, then a publishing deal.  I will share each step I take from now on that I take.  Why you ask?  Because I just like to share and have people to laugh with at my silly mistakes I have made and no doubt will make.

I have been writing since I can remember; my parents would buy my sister and me journals for Christmas since we could write and we’d spend the day filling them up with stories.  Sometimes weeks at a time, we had some awesome collaborations and intertwined stories!  But really I started poetry first when one of my 8th grade teachers showed interest in a poem of mine that I did for a huge poetry assignment and decided to enter it into a contest for me; it was picked to be published.  I still own that book 13 years later.  (Oh I think I just dated myself.)  I then decided I was interested in psychology because I wanted to understand the reason people behave the way that they do.  It came in handy because when I was 18 I was sitting on the bus an early morning headed to work and the writing bug seriously bit me. I started Born Through Desecration a Fantasy manuscript and finished it a whopping 3 years later.

The idea originally came to me in 1995 at the age of 12 when my dad let me watch The Prophecy. I was like, I kind of like these bad ass angels.  Then in 1998 I was 15 and once again, my dad, bought The Prophecy 2 and it was about Nephilims and I was in love.  It took 3 more years for the idea to finally materialize and develop into the first draft that I finished.

When I was done I did what many young and in-experience wanna-be writers do.  I printed billions of copies and sent them to not agents but more embarrassingly, publishers. I still cringe at the thought. It is a common mistake and I still get very embarassed at my jumping the gun, but I laugh and rejoice because now I have learned so much from the authors who have taken the time to help other authors even us aspiring ones.

I have since back-burned BTD but I have not totally given up on this manuscript but I am currently working on a new Paranormal Romance WIP called Death Knows My Name.  I am hoping to shine this baby up before I start pimping it out and NOT to pubs this time but carefully researched agents. See I have learned a lot from the first time around.

Keep reading, writing and sharing,

Casse NaRome

Thursday, March 11, 2010

First Post!

I decided after much debate to dazzle yall with my humor and wit for my first post but being that it is 1 AM and have yet to add to my daily word count yet I will cheat.  LOLdogz for your viewing pleasure.

I iz maiking... a writer 's blok!
see more dog and puppy pictures

Okay, now for me to try and remove this writer's block with Dr. Wicked's help.


[Edit:] Okay obviously this picture is from lolcatz not dogs...did I mention I am completely an idiot.  In my defense, it was 1AM?  Okay buh-bye.

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