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Saturday, September 19, 2015

I hate the BLEEP!

  I have a love for the unlikable heroines. I really can't get enough of them. I find them in a way more relate-able and thus more likable than Pollyanna everybody loves me super innocent heroines. Those bitches get on my damn nerves.
  Most of my heroines, okay all of them, have been hard to like but only because they are usually hard to get to know them. I believe that once they are known they are easy to love. These women have layers and of course the outer ones are a bit hard and not pretty but once you go down deep enough you discover a vulnerability that they are desperate to protect. I love that about all my characters. I usually know exactly when I have my heroine right when a reader tells me they want to punch her in the face. My heroes take the time to know these women that a lot of readers declare as unlikable. The hero gets to know them and like me, those boys fall in love with what they discover.
  Leandria, heroine of Starlight and Lullabies is my newest heroine and probably will be the most hated. She makes some horrible decisions in life. She is young and things begin to snowball out of control and things get shaky. Guilt, regret, and passion for a boy she would do anything for -including break his heart.

Jace Johnson has one true passion and it's not making the music the world loves him for. Years ago the love of his life walked out on him taking his heart with her. For Jace, there is no song that can compare to the beautiful music he made with her. Despite all of his success, he still pines for the one who got away. 

Leandria Lancome, the top of her class Astronomy major, has had many regrets in her life but her first one is her biggest. Years ago she gave away everything else that mattered to her for the one thing that mattered most. Leandria has done all the wrong things for all the right reasons. 

For Jace and Leandria, time has done nothing to extinguish the flames of their love and desire for one another. But Leandria holds a secret so destructive that it will put Jace's devotion to the ultimate test. This time, it could be Jace's turn to leave with no goodbye.

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  1. I do not want a Mary Sue. But I do not want someone too unlikable either. But Mary Sue is always worse ;)

    1. I kind of relate ti unlikable because I suspect that if I had my own novel readers would hate me! lol Especially when it comes to dating. :)


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