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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Alpha, Beta—Stop! Gimme the Beta and nobody gets hurt...or growled at.

 I know I'm probably one of the rare few readers who doesn't love alpha males. I just don't. I'm a paranormal girl so that is just like unacceptable. Good luck trying to find a paranormal male who won't growl "Miiiiine" at you. I mean damn can you just be a regular man? Shit!

 I have better luck finding betas in Contemporary Romance but even that is hard. Not a lot of beta MMA fighters am I right?

 No, I'll take a hot beta over that possessive shit any day of the week. They are kind, gentle, and if you are sick they will take care of you. Having a shitty day? He notices. When you get home he has your favorite dinner for you, a bottle of wine and is down to just cuddle while watching your favorite tv show. I mean how can you not dig that?

 Jace is the hero in my newest book and he is in the hottest band. He fell and love young and the girl slipped right through his fingers. Leandria is childhood sweet heart left him without so much as a see ya later. She was just gone. It left him reeling!  He won't admit to his band mates how completely fucked up he is over this, instead he writes the most heart breaking lyrics. He can't help but look for her every performance he gives at every campus. Until one day he finds her. Maybe now he can get the answer he knows he deserves but does he really want to know? The truth may destroy the love he has been harboring for the girl who ran away...forever.

Jace Johnson has one true passion and it's not making the music the world loves him for. Years ago the love of his life walked out on him taking his heart with her. For Jace, there is no song that can compare to the beautiful music he made with her. Despite all of his success, he still pines for the one who got away. 

Leandria Lancome, the top of her class Astronomy major, has had many regrets in her life but her first one is her biggest. Years ago she gave away everything else that mattered to her for the one thing that mattered most. Leandria has done all the wrong things for all the right reasons. 

For Jace and Leandria, time has done nothing to extinguish the flames of their love and desire for one another. But Leandria holds a secret so destructive that it will put Jace's devotion to the ultimate test. This time, it could be Jace's turn to leave with no goodbye.

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