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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Evolution of a story idea - When The Party's Over

  When The Party's Over was one of those magical times when a story comes fully formed to an author. I knew exactly what would happen, when it would happen and what would be the outcome. The characters where open with me and I listened and let them run the show.
  I knew Thom Kim would be a blond boy adopted by Asian parents. I knew Le Lan Lee would be ready to settle down and willing to follow Thom anywhere. I knew what the night had in store for them and well, I tried to talk them out of it.
  Their story is going to be one that needs to be explored and that will touch a lot of people's hearts I hope. I could have just told it in one installment but I think that it would be better served as the anchor to the series. I decided to open the Burning Bridges series with their novella and then let the other characters tell their stories so you will get pieces of who Thom and Lee Lee are until we finally get to their complete story. The reader will be more than ready to see how far love will take these two.
  One thing that did surprise me was Jace. He stole my heart in every scene he entered into during When The Party's Over. He was funny and I loved the bathroom scene.  It was a scene that made me laugh out loud. Watching Thom and Jace's friendship, I knew it had to be the next in the line up with Starlight and Lullabies.

Le Lan Lee has a choice to make. On New Year’s Eve, she receives a message from her past. Will she answer Fate’s call? The decision regarding helping an old flame out of a jam will lead her down the path of life or death, and love or hate.

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