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Monday, February 11, 2013

The Thing About Books

When I met Brandon I knew he was different. He was sheltered naive and I could see he was special. I devoured his book and became a huge fan of the Brethren series. I was all the way in Team Brandon. I mean twi-hard level. Much like Bella toward Edward, I was irrevocable in love with him. Okay, I promise that was my last Twilight reference. Sorry.

As the series went on I hated people for him. Like deep seeded hate. If they wronged him they felt my wrath or at least Sara Reinke did.

Then one day it happened. Brandon, he broke my heart. No more than that. He shattered it and stomped on my heart with his betrayal. I literally laid in bed all day asking myself why? Why! Why can't even fictional guys do the right thing? He was supposed to be epic. I was going through a break up. Not my first but certainly it felt like the worst. I still think about Brandon and get butterflies then cringe at the memory of how he failed me. I haven't loved like that since.

With Brandon it was the perfect storm. The timing, how he was, and who I thought he would become...meshed together into magic literary love.

THIS. THIS is why I read. It is why you should read as well. You never know what book will make you fall in love and feel. It is a special kind of magic. Only books can give it to you. When you crack open a book for the very first time, that excitement you feel. The nervousness of not knowing...yes, that is why I read.
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Brethren Series.

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