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Friday, March 29, 2013

What nobody tells you

I haven't written a word since the release of my first novel. The Reborn is my debut novel but it isn't my first contracted novel so I am lucky enough to have TWO first time babies. My first book to get a contract (Death Knows My Name out in July) and the first to be out for the world to ravage (The Reborn out NOW.) But what nobody tells you is writing is different after your first release.

How you ask? Allow me to tell you. I have lost my mojo. Okay it is temporary but nonetheless, I haven't or I can't write since the first review came in begging for book two in the trilogy. Yay and Ahhh! Okay, yay because someone liked my book to want to read more. Yippee. Ahhh because now there is expectations. What if they don't think it is as good? The expectation, fear of disappointing and just the omg I have readers factor paralyzes me whenever I look at my plot board so I can start writing.

I have been assured that I will get it back. I don't want to write a story just with the hope that yall like it. I mean I do hope yall love it but I wrote The Reborn because it was Dain's story. I enjoyed it and I think that translated onto the pages. I just want that magic to repeat on Akila's tale.

SO that is what nobody tells you, writing after your first release is hard. :)

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