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Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Dreaded Triangle- Introducing Samuel.

Say Hi to Samuel

I make no secret that I hate love triangles. I have even gone so far as to not buy books or lem a book because it involved a triangle. So how did I find myself writing one? It is simple. It was meant to be a plot device. I didn't mean for Shayna or in fact myself to fall for Samuel. I went into this knowing that Shayna was always meant to work things out with Yeshua. I didn't know how but they really would. I just needed a small obsticle. "Hey! How about an older guy." My brain said excitedly. "Oh he could be an important male figure in Yesh's life." My brain piled on. I should have told my brain to shut up. But I thought it was a great idea. I knew I was in trouble when Shayna laid eyes on Samuel and he locked eyes with her then smiled. I gulped. Oh boy. We are in huge trouble. Huge, huge, huge trouble. Yeshua sort of faded in our minds and Samuel was so shiney and bright and perfectly damaged. Just what a girl like Shayna needed after all that she has been through. I even noticed Yeshua, graciously taking a step back. Bowing out except, I know Yesh. I wouldn't count him out just yet. Neither should Samuel.

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  1. I can't wait to read more... The anticipation is killing me!

  2. I am almost done with 1st draft so the wait won't be long. :)


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