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Monday, February 14, 2011

Non-Writing Related: The day I lost immortality. Valentine's Day tribute to Andy.

When I was, 13 years old I felt untouchable like nothing bad could possibly touch me. I was carefree and full of life. That was before my 14 birthday, 14 years ago today. 2 boys Andrew Michael Westbay and Scott Hawrysiak were shot and killed a few houses away from their own houses. That birthday changed my life. Andy was a friend of mine okay I had a huge crush on him.

I first met Andy when my teacher pulled him into class when she heard him and a former classmate, Jason, goofing around in the hall. I was in love instantly. Then it turns out we were in the same gym class with coach Dixon. Luck was on my side, Coach decided to have a sitting arrangement by last name. Hello Westbay and Williams were next to each other and I sat literally beside him. Cue Casse turning on the charm...

For the short time I knew Andy he was a large part of my life. I remember all of the times we shared with each other because it is all I have left. I remember the last time I saw him and if only I knew, it was the last it wouldn't be so bitter sweet. On the other hand, maybe that would have been worse.

We were at a school Valentine's Day dance. Our school had them during the school day and it was actually the day before because we were going to have a long weekend. I had gotten in trouble and had to sit on the bench the last 10 mins of the dance so Andy and I never did get to dance. He did stop by often within that 10 mins to chat, he told me happy birthday and gave me that smile he had that made the sun shine, because we wouldn't be at school on Valentine's day so he wouldn't see me. It breaks my heart that we never got our Happily-ever-after; we got a Nicholas Sparks ending. Maybe God is a fan.

With Andy and my crush on him I felt untouchable. At that age, you never think about or should have to think about death. My classmates and I had that innocence and our immortality stolen when we were made victims. Scott and Andy were stolen from their families, friends and peers so please say a prayer for their families because I know they will be at Evergreen cemetery right now and Andy's Uncle Michael will have Andy's Mcdonalds nuggets for him.

Happy Valentine's day to you all, as well as The Hawrysiak and Westbay family.

Keep reading and writing,

Casse NaRome

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