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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dastardly Dain

Here is the first 8 sentences of my Reborn short story. It's a prequel and it is the lifetime that started it all.  This isn't exactly the cover I am going with but it is lovely right?

Lord of Requited Love- Casse NaRome
“She is exasperating!” I fumed in my chambers to Christopher.
“Why do you even let her get to you my Lord?” He questioned me as he always did when he considered me unreasonable.
I shot him a glare.
“Sorry I mean, Dain.” The young gentleman amended knowing I hated titles among us. We were more friends than anything else.

That's all you get!

Keep reading and keep writing,

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  1. Love the cover art - even if it isn't what you plan on going with. There's just something about a kiss in the rain - and the umbrella fallen off to the side lets you know just how into each other they are.


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