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Monday, November 24, 2014

Who's ready for Thanksgiving?

Hello happy readers!

I love this time of year. From October all the way through February 14th it is fun holiday season. I love it. It also brings a lot of distractions for my writing and I know yall have been waiting over a year for the next book in the Reborn series. I'm sorry. I am really working on it but there is also so much going on with that series publisher. The owner passed away this summer and we are trying to reorganize things but I swear early next year The Reborn series fans will finally get the next book. Depending on how Bayou Brew Publishing is restructured there maybe more than one book left in the series.

I also have two short stories coming up. The first is part of an Anthology and it is New Year's Eve themed releasing on December 26th. The second will be released as a Valentine's day short story releasing February 1st. They will both be non paranormal. It is so new for me not to write Paranormal Romance it is so out my box I get so nervous and get tempted to toss in an angel or reaper. So tempted. I will tell you more on the story a little later this week.

Part Time Reaper II will be released in April. I decided not to rush that series as I had originally planned to do. I planned to release PTR series every four months keeping them short. Instead I'm going to go with how mainstream does their books and every year do that series. That means I will make it a longer story and try...TRY not to have such killer cliffhangers. ;-)

Memory Keepers #2 will also be in the works but it is with a publisher so fingers crossed it comes out in 2015. I keep trying to push book #1 so they see the demand by readers. lol

I will post before Thanksgiving but I hope you enjoy this time and not get too stressed out. Enjoy your family, friends and a good book!
 Casse NaRome

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