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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Indie Book Fest 2014

I went to IBF 2014 and I had so much fun! I am just now recovering from not being an introvert for those few days. I was on two amazing panels with talented authors. I remember thinking "What am I doing up here with these real authors?" lol it was hard to believe that these talented women and men were my peers. Talk about humbling!

Now time for pictures!
I fan girled over Sarra Cannon

I won some books from Elise Marion!

 I bought some books from Elise Marion...
I stopped by and chatted with Wendy L Owens instead of staying by my table :)

 I begged for an ARC from Peggy Martinez (not too proud to beg lol)

I saw Cynthia O'Neill and had to go chat it up with her and buy her reincarnation series.

 I have a lot more books that I bought at the signing or won during a panel I will probably review them over at The Litter Box...Scoop Daily! as I finish them. :)

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