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Sunday, March 16, 2014

What's Love??? Series by Niecey Roy

Book Info-
Title- Another Shot At Love
Series- What’s Love??? Book # 1
Author- Niecey Roy
Genre- New Adult Contemporary Romantic Comedy

Imogen Gorecki has a problem—her twin sister just got engaged, and guess who’s the best man? That’s right, her scum-of-an-ex-boyfriend whom she caught cheating with a bottle-blonde, with fake breasts and a stripper’s flexibility. There’s a disturbing possibility her eyes will never recover.

Gen needs a date for the engagement party, but finding Mr. Perfect in a time crunch is proving impossible. Just when she’s about to give up, she face-plants into the crotch of the sexiest guy she’s ever met.

Matt Sesnick is everything Gen wants in a man —except he’s not interested in a relationship. Can she convince Matt to take another shot at love, or will Gen’s pregnant, hormonal older sister, her bridezilla twin, and all of her past Mr. Wrongs get in the way of their happily-ever-after?

Book Info-
Title- Done With Love
Series- What’s Love??? # 2
By- Niecey Roy
Expected Publication Date- April 2014
Genre- New Adult Contemporary Romantic Comedy

Once upon a time…
Bridal boutique owner, Alexis Gorecki, used to believe in happily-ever-afters—until prince charming turned into a toad. Months after being blindsided by her own horrific wedding scandal, Lexie is desperately trying to keep her boutique afloat in the wake of all the bad publicity. Waging war against her evil almost-in-laws—the people who will stop at nothing to ruin her reputation—sounded much better in her head. Lexie's strawberries and cream personality really isn’t cut out for taser guns and blackmail. To complicate matters, Lexie's first love is back in town with his sexy green eyes and out-of-control abs. He already broke her heart once before, the beast. Leo Moss has always been her weakness and he's made it perfectly clear what he wants. Can he convince Lexie she's not done with love just yet?


About the Author-
Niecey Roy knew she wanted to be a writer from a very young age, but her moment of enlightenment came after watching the movie You’ve Got Mail. It was then she realized her place in life, and happily parked her butt on writing romance. Her dream was to create sexy vixens, hunky, half-naked heroes, and above all, romance; lots and lots of butterflies in the belly, breathless first kisses and happily-ever-afters. Most days she can be found at home at a cluttered desk, pounding her tired little fingers away on a keyboard with nothing but black pepper flavored sunflower seeds and Visine as her weapons for mass-romance-novel-creation. When her fingers need a break, you’ll find her at a table with friends, drinking a few martinis and showing off a new pair of (sometimes ridiculous) high heels. She’s usually the loudest at the table and most often the one snorting with laughter. Niecey is the author of Fender Bender Blues, a contemporary romantic comedy published by The Wild Rose Press. Her new romantic comedy series, What’s Love??? includes Another Shot At Love, and Done With Love releasing April 2014.


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Imogen (Gen) Gorecki
Hayden Panettiere would make the perfect Gen in Another Shot At Love. She’s a great actress, so I think she could play Gen’s fun, colorful character very well. And, as some of you already know or will find out after reading Another Shot At Love, Gen had an identical twin sister named Lexie. Lexie is a complete opposite of Gen when it comes to style. Hayden is talented enough she could play both roles. Nina Dobrev on #TVD does it all the time, so Hayden’s got this. No bigz

Matthew (Matt) Sesnick
Seriously, Ian Somerhalder is out of control and needs to behave...but only after he plays Matt in Another Shot At Love. He’s perfect, and exactly what I was fantasizing...I mean, exactly what I was professionally imagining would play Matt in the movie. He doesn’t have hazel eyes, but I’m sure readers would forgive that oversight if it’s Ian who plays the role ;)

Alexis (Lexie) Gorecki
Lexie is Gen’s twin sister. She’s cream and roses whereas Gen is bright colors and band tees. Therefore, Hayden Panettiere with her long hair and loose waves. Gen usually straightens her hair, but when she lets it fall natural, it’s curly.

Roxanna (Roxi) Moss
Gen and Lexie’s BFF since she almost ran them over with her pink scooter back in grade school. Vanessa Hudgens would be perfect for to play Roxi in Another Shot At Love. She’s half Italian, half Filipino and 100% drama and fun.

Catherine (Cat) Gorecki
Katherine Heigl would make the perfect pregnant and hormonal older sister. She can be super serious, but can add a touch of humor to Gen and Lexie’s older sister. Katherine rocks in romantic comedies :)

Richard (bad date that never ends)
Okay, I love Richard. He’s super geeky, but good looking, which is why Gen didn’t mind going on a blind date with him in the first place. And then she found out his idea of a hobby was delivery pizza, a couch and hours playing video games, while sometimes wearing a Master Chief helmet to get pumped up for Xbox live… But, mostly, he’s inexperienced with women, has some equally inexperienced friends who give him really bad chick advice. Bless his hot, geeky heart. If you’ve ever seen Justin Timberlake in Bad Teacher, read Another Shot At Love and picture him in the role of Richard, and let me know what you think :)

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