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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

After Dain was Reborn and Akila Remade...Reawaken with Darkhan.


Reawaken will have three different POV’s. I decided this very early on because The Reborn and The Remade doesn’t really give the HEA or even the HFN ending of the main couples in the story. Bonnie and Dain in The Reborn, Akila and Marco in The Remade. I just felt that they deserve to get their ending in their words and in their heads. The POV’s will be Dain, Akila and…Darkhan. You have no idea who he is yet. I barely have an idea but he has been beckoning to me very stoically since a third through The Reborn. He is very mysterious but he seems willing enough to tell his story and I am a bit afraid to let him into my head and heart. His pain is crippling and very tangible. I can feel it just by thinking about him.

I think you will like him, I know Akila sure does ;-) *spoiler alert* lol I can’t wait to get to his story The Reawaken (It’s mainly Darkhan’s tell so The Ruined and The Shattered still fits but…I wanted a positive just like the rest. I cross my fingers I can SPIN his tragic tell into a positive.) We still have a long way until Darkhan can win your hearts so enjoy the end of The Reborn and The Remade will be ready soon. I hope!

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