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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cut or uncut?

I am okay with rejection. Or at least that is what I told myself. I would say, “oh they aren’t rejecting my work they just don’t like the query.” Until, I got my first full MS rejection…in form letter. Ouch. I know, acquisition is purely subjective, right? One person didn’t like it doesn’t mean that nobody will like it. Still it is hard to hear without a bottle—I mean glass of wine. Dratz, why did I give up drinking this week again?

Dejectedly, I even thought of giving up writing. “I suck.” I told myself…“I suck I suck I suck.” It was like a sulking pout as I wallowed in my bed. I was ready to throw in the towel, at least on adult paranormal. Maybe I could work on my YA novel?…

Then, I decided maybe I could look into fixing the pacing of chapter one like EVERYONE has been saying could use help. I think it’s effin perfect but if everyone is saying it…

But guess why I was so reluctant to cut scenes from chapter one, besides it being effin perfect? Because you pull one string and then you have to go chapter by chapter and rework it. The more you cut the more you have to rework and the more you rework…Yes! The more you have to cut!

I just cut one of my favorite scenes that shows Devon and Mayne’s friendship…but it’s about ERIC and Mayne so…it is gone. Maybe I will stick it in Devon’s short story? No… *wipes tear*

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