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Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's almost that time.

Hey folk,
  I have been hard at work lately and with Death Knows My Name off being edited, I am do for some major editing sometime next week when I get it back with what I am sure will look like the pages are bleeding.  I have found the perfect editor for me who is as passionate as the story I am telling as I am.  Which is awesome!
  So, any day now I will be ready to start the agent search.  *pulls hair out and screams*  It is so scary.  You hear so many whispered horror stories.  It is very intimidating, but I think I am ready.  I have been extremely bless thus far with surrounding myself with amazing people.  I found awesome critique partners, and now with my proof reader/personal editor...I am confident that I will find an agent who will do a spectacular job. 
  I am not delusional, I know, it won't be abracadabra, I get the call.  But eventually I am sure I will find the perfect one. 
  But the hard part will be NOT to sit back on my haunches and wait.  I have to keep writing.  I have a lot planned for my career.  I have the rest of the books in the DKMN world and I also have my YA story that was picked amongst the Editor's Choice last year.  In order to get all these first drafts done I am going to be doing a lot of Fast Drafts.  A lot.  December 1st I have one scheduled for the Remade.  Then I have to wait because I am planning a big move.  I know, I JUST moved to Missouri now I am going to Oklahoma?  Yes.  But I can probably squeeze in Devon's short story The Sun Catcher.  (I LOVE the title and once you read DKMN you will see why.) So I won't do another fast draft until most likely write after Christmas for When Lily's Fall re-do.  Immediately after (maybe 2 days break) I will Fast Draft working title: The Shattered (this title fits from my rough mind plot of hero but too many books have this title lately. Guess we like our men damaged aye ladies?)  It's the final book in the Reborn world.  Then I will go back and do some editing on all those fast drafts before I start picking through The Desecration Chronicles and making in one book with 3 parts (Born Through Desecration, Daughter of Desecration and Desecration's Queen).

Looks as if I am going to be one busy chick.
Keep reading,

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