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Thursday, July 14, 2011


Typing THE END is such a great feeling. After, too many years, I finally got to type those two words on the first draft of Death Knows My Name. I found a way to give Mayne and Eric their HEA.

I am in the process of day four on BK 2 fast draft. Fourteen days of 5000 words or more to end up with 70k I actually need 80k so I try and write more on the two weekends.

Then after the fast draft I focus on editing and cutting out 5,654 words from DKMN and editing it before I send it off to both my CPs and get their opinions. When that is done I will decide if I send it out to Agents, Editors or Self pub it. Oh the decisions.

I am totally fine with self-pubbing it. I am just trying to figure out the long run of my career.

Keep writing and Keep reading,


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