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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Another Reborn short story...

This novel is spawning more Shorts even though its not done yet. Sheesh. I write out the back story so I can have it while I am writing the complete story and they take on a life of their own. I think they are important because the two prequel stories I wrote are the very first life Dain and Tara lived and then the ill-fated 99th lifetime. (If you followed Reborn on The Life That Ends is the chapter formally known as TWO. In the editing process it got cut out.) SO here it is. You saw the "fake" cover I did for Lord of Requited is The Life That Ends' "fake" cover. [Copyright reasons had to remove picture.]

Like I said, The Life That Ends isn't "Brand spanking new" but Lord of Requited Love is and its in the process of being edited and a new more YA cover being worked on. It's hard because now tha Dain is blonde I have to find new pictures. But Tara will stay the same. Here is the would be covers if Dain stayed brunette!
All pictures belong to artist Elizabeth May
My Favorite one!

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Casse NaRome

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