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Friday, September 3, 2010

Claws way up from deadlines

The one thing that aspiring writers have to get use to is living deadline to deadline and not getting buried by them.  I have not learned that yet.  I have revisions on one MS and writing another story which is completely different.  My brain is screaming "Am I YA or Adult right now."  I know that because of this switching I am going to have to edit a lot of no no words from my Young Adult wip. lol

Also what's killing my meeting deadline is TWITTER!  It will be my death.  But it also keeps me sane.  I do also feel complete inadequate when it comes to balancing writing and family and living.  I may after first part of revisions on Death Know My Name is done and contest entries are ready, take a few days off.

That's all for now.
Keep reading, writing and sharing.
Casse NaRome

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