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Monday, July 5, 2010

New Project TextNovel

I started a new short WIP and I am very excited.  It's a YA paranormal romance that I am for now calling The Reborn.  I wish I could show yall the picture that inspired it but right now I can't.  I will ask if I can link it and then share with yall. 

What I can share is the synopsis:

For ninety-nine life times Dain DuMarcos the Marquis has loved Tara Croix and for only some of those ninety-nine has she love him in return.

With all the forces they are up against, Dain has to find away to make her remember so they can be with one another this one last time...

Because this is the only time that matters...

                                               ...This is the last time they will be Reborn.

This is a total departure for me because for one it is YA and two most importantly, there isn't a bit of angels in it.  Just something I thought of because forevers always runs out.  Also it is a short story so it has to be fast paced.  I am hoping this will be like practice so I can get pacing down better when comes down to my Death Knows My Name edits.

I am going to update the chapters one a night hopefully every night until its done, so you can go to to read the new additions.  Chapter One-See you next lifetime. is up already.


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